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One of the serious issues faced by our modern world is environmental pollution, and it is one the most significant challenges that the world is facing in our day. Environmental pollution has existed for centuries.

Plastic Waste, also known as End-of-Life products that are use plastics that are not safe for public use due to their abrasion state. Since their non-biodegradability, flammability and chemical composition lead to leaching of toxic substances into the ground upon dumping, as well as the release of hazardous fumes during the incineration process, plastic waste have inexplicably caused an enormous global problem.

We need to expand our range of options for keeping this plastic waste out of landfill. One potential approach is “plastic to energy”, which unlocks the chemical energy stored in waste plastic and uses it to create fuel.


It’s More Than Just Energy

We work to accelerate scientific discoveries that will enhance our understanding of the world and benefit people and nature.

Waste Management

We can start recycling 20kg-100kg waste each day that can be produced fuel up to 5 batch. Users are given monetary incentive to manage their waste.

Renewable Energy

The range of outputs produced after processing the waste can be reused to reduce operational cost.


Newest financial tool which empowers users to easily, anonymously and safely subsidize the construction of waste-to-fuel plants on a global scale


Apart from profit making business model, our platform has integrated autonomous philanthropy mechanism.

The Crisis of Plastic Waste Isn’t Just Limited to the Ocean,
But It Has Been Affected Our Rivers.

Excessive Generation Generation of wastes has been an acute problem for a long time now. According to a Study by the University of Georgia, Indonesia has a major plastic waste problem on its hands. At the moment, the country is second only to China when it comes to dumping plastic waste into the world’s oceans, an estimated 3.22 million metric tons of plastic waste is tossed annually into the ocean surrounding Indonesia, while another 8.82 million metric tons of China’s plastic waste also makes its way into the ocean.

Data from Nature Communications revealed that four of Indonesia’s rivers – Brantas, Solo, Serayu and Progo – rank among the 20 most polluted rivers in the world

Our Development

Fuelverse – an economic energy recovery option that benefits the environment by converting plastic waste into a valuable commodity and creating renewable energy from a plentiful, environmentally positive source.

There are three major types of waste-to-tire solar plant construction projects. They differ in the degree of readiness, level of risk and profitability.
We plan to combine all of them to achieve high profitability with minimal risks.


The Services We Help
Make Our Planet Cleaner

Fuelverse has developed a disruptive technology that produces clean, sustainable energy by converting waste from a consumer, industrial and agricultural.

We stand for using plastic waste and turns the plastic into valuable commodity and creates a source of renewable energy carrier or feedstock for fuels. It’s really ensures all people’s needs in fuel for industry and personal use.

Our platform recycles a wide range of plastic wastes in an environmentally friendly manner to use :

  • Industrial fuel (diesel oil)
  • Public Vehicle fuel (diesel oil)
  • Kerosene
  • Light Oil (Asphalt Mixing Plant)

This disruptive innovation eliminates hazardous by-products while also delivering a financial profit even in low-cost energy markets.

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Water covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, but Fresh water is 0.002% on Earth.
The crisis of plastic waste isn’t just limited to the ocean, but it has also affected Indonesian rivers.
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